COVID-19 Information


Atonement Lutheran School

School Opening August 17, 2020



Questions and Answers

Atonement continues to closely monitor the ever changing information related to COVID-19 (coronavirus) and evaluate its impact on both the school and the community at large in accordance with recommendations from local, state, and national government organizations and health agencies. The health and safety of all members of our community are, as always, of the utmost importance.  


We plan to reopen in August 17th with classes on campus all five days of the week.   These plans are subject to change if there is a change in Arizona laws or if there are data indicating the risks of reopening outweigh the benefits. We have received several questions with respect to the reopening.  Our answers are listed below. Such questions are encouraged and can be submitted to our Principal and Preschool Director Megan Larson.


1.  Question:  Will the campus be open for all grade levels?

Answer:  Yes.  Preschool - 8th grade classes will be in session Monday – Friday.

2.     Question: Will masks be required?

Answer: We are encouraging all staff and students in 1st-8th grade to wear a mask if they are able and when feasible.  

3.  Question: What precautions will you be taking to reduce the risks of contracting or spreading COVID19? 

 Answer: We are considering a number of extra measures to reduce the risks including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Disinfection and more frequent cleaning of classrooms, common areas, and the facility

  • Monitoring temperatures of students and staff

  • Frequent hand washing for students and staff 

  • Extending the post-illness waiting period before a student/staff member returns to school 

Between now and August, we will be monitoring data and analysis to assess which precautions are most effective. By late July, we expect to commit to a suite of precautions to be implemented on the first day of school and notify the ALCS community. 

4.     Question: Are there activities that will be avoided when school starts?

Answer: We plan to start the year with more focus on the core subject since we ended last year online.  We want to allow more time in the classroom for the kids to come back up to speed. We also want to allow for more breaks and recess time.  This will be evaluated as the weeks go on.  At this time we are not canceling sports or PE.  


5.     Question: Do you anticipate a different set of rules for the different age groups?

Answer: If your child has a student or staff member in their room who is immune compromised, we will encourage routines that will help protect that individual.


6.     Question: What happens if there is a case of COVID-19 with a student or a family member?

Answer: Each instance will be evaluated individually in terms of the risks to those exposed to the disease and the school as a whole. We will have plans in place for contact tracing and risk assessment. We will determine the risk and the cost of each course of action before making a decision.


7.     Question: What happens if the state recommends further restrictions?

Answer: We will, of course, abide by all applicable laws. To date, proclamations from the governor have been advisory in nature, i.e., guidelines. Most pronouncements from the state cover schools of all sizes and types. If they continue to be guidelines and not laws, we will determine the extent to which they apply to us and our community. Once we have made that determination, we will adjust our policies and programs accordingly.


8.  Question: What is the expected policy for school visitors?

Answer:  Right now we are limiting visitors and parents on campus except when necessary or by appointment.


9.  Question: Will you utilize the outdoor learning areas?

Answer: Indications are that the virus is rarely spread outdoors. Preschool-8th grade will take advantage of our lovely new field, the courtyard, and playgrounds as extended learning areas.